Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having trouble, please read through the issues below as one of them may solve your issue.

I can’t log in:

Don’t remember your username

Your username is the email address you signed up with.

If you don’t remember what email you used please check you email folders for emails from Our emails will only go to the email address you signed up with.

Wrong password

Please click on the ‘’forgot password’’ button on the login page.

If you get an error:

Please double check your email is spelled correctly.

Please double check your using the right email address.

I didn’t get the email with my login:

Please check your spam folder.

If you don’t have an email, please email

Include the email address associated with your account.

I need to update my credit card:

You can update your credit card under the ‘my account’ tab on the toolbar. If you are behind on payments please email and let her know you updated your card.

I can’t access a video I’m trying to watch:

Please send an email to

Please include:

The email address associated with your account

The name of the video you are trying to watch

I need to add/remove staff:

You can manage your staff from the ‘’business’’ tab on the toolbar.

Why can’t I see all of my coaches on my staff list?

Your staff will show up on your list once they log in for the first time.

I don’t have the ‘’business’’ tab on my toolbar.

The business tab is exclusive to owners accounts.

If you would like to give a staff member access you must email and let her know.

Please include:

The name and email address of the staff member you would like to give access to.

We will only add access to accounts when emailed from the owners email account associated with their Fierce Connection account.